Exhibition ‘Letter No. 1’

Opening: March 16, 2013 from 16:00 till 20:00 hours

Finissage: Saturday March 30, 2013 from 19:00 till 22:00 hours

SARATIMTRUST, Mauritsstraat 167, Rotterdam The Netherlands GoogleMaps
If you want to come an other day call me at +31(0)641231016 or email: contact at saratimtrust.nl

Curated by Nataša Hydra. Who went through thousands of my photos to create the first out of a series of
exhibition that are declarations of love, ‘Letter No. 1’. Also a ‘magazine’, containing the letter, has been made.
Order online or buy at the opening.

“…You moved me from the get go. When our friend introduced us. When our friend left us. No need for explanation. But what I want you to know is, that right there at that moment is where we met in life. And right there is where I met your art. And I love LOVE your art…”

In this exhibition Nataša expresses her personal relation to the work instead of bringing out the artist’s
point of view, making it more subjective but very focused.

With his rediscovery of photography in 2005, Rene Schmalschläger leaves behind the 8 preceding years of
socially engaged works. Rene’s photography becomes a ramble through the urban environment where he just
happens to be. His photography shows both his personal moods and his fascination with the self-organizing
processes of human perception. Layers are important. Trees that block the view on a building; cloths or
shadows concealing a façade. But also compositions that are so graphic that the photographed subject becomes
subordinate and confusion arises about perspective and spatial dimension.

SARATIMTRUST is a so-called artistsspace in the center of Rotterdam. A space for work, creating, presenting
and for getting inspired. It is a space with history, housing other art collectives before. Todays residents
are Frank Hanswijk, Nataša Heydra, Andreia Costa, Tim Leyendekker and Iñiy Sanchez.